Kokiriko (Clatter Pillar)

The Kokiriko (or Binzasara) is a traditional Japanese percussion instrument made from bamboo slats held together with letter straps. The sound is similar to “dominoes falling” as the wooden slats strike one another. A traditional Kokiriko is made from thin pieces of bamboo, however the Kokiriko in our library is created from larger pieces of timber and is also marketed as a ‘Clatter Pillar’ or ‘Rhythm Band’.

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Chinese Tangzhuang Suit

A Tangzhuang is a variant of a traditional Chinese jacket. The tangzhuang is sometimes translated as a Tang Suit or Jacket.

The Tang Suits basic style includes a Mandarin collar, front opening and knotted Chinese buttons.  Shoulder pads are inserted for better fit.

Tang suits are made in different colours, most commonly red, dark blue, gold and black. One common design is the usage of Chinese characters to spread good luck and wishes.

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Metal Xylophone (Indonesian)

The Xylophone is one of many percussion instruments used in traditional Indonesian ‘Gamelan’ ensembles. The most common instruments used in Gamelan are metallophones played by mallets and a set of hand-played drums called kendhang which register the beat. Other instruments include xylophones, bamboo flutes, a bowed instrument called a rebab, and even vocalists called sindhen.

Although the popularity of gamelan has declined since the introduction of pop music, gamelan is still commonly played on formal occasions and in many traditional Indonesian ceremonies. For most Indonesians, gamelan is an integral part of Indonesian culture.

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