The Central Coast Multicultural Children’s Resource Library provides resources to child care centres, schools, family day care and childcare professionals on the NSW Central Coast.

Our aim is to introduce children to the rich diversity of the world’s cultures from an early age.

We believe that through play we can create a society which values difference and accepts people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Australia is a wonderful country and our society has been built and enriched by people from all over the world. We celebrate that!

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  1. – I work in a school community centre with families with children aged 0-8.
    I would love to bring more diversity into the centre, I am thinking of running a program next year promoting a different country each week, learning a few words in that language, read a relevant story, link it to a craft, perhaps cooking, locating it on a map, learn about a ceremony that occurs, learn about traditional dress, really to many options to think about.
    Your resources would add so much to this program.

    So my question is can I borrow your resources?
    and how do I go about this?
    Also what is the likelihood of having a worker come for say 1/2 hour to promote their culture to our families, read a story etc?
    and would there be a cost involved in this?

    looking forward to hearing about these possibilities,



    • Hi Lynda – sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I’m the web admin for the centre and I’ll forward your enquiry onto the director.

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