Call for Committee Members – AGM 2018

The Multicultural Library is a non-profit organisation, overseen by a Management Committee.

The role of the Committee is to help shape the direction and goals of the Library. With the valuable input of our Committee, we are able to plan and prioritise the needs of our Members and continue to deliver a really great service.

Our Committee is vital – and that’s why we would like to invite you to join us.

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Why join?

The Multicultural Library is run mostly by volunteers. A committee provides strength and stability. It also speaks for our Members, helping us to provide a service that is relevant, needed and loved.

By joining the Committee, you will be an integral part of the organisation. You will provide advice and guidance, contribute great ideas, and help to carry them out.

If you’ve never sat on a committee before, this is a great first step. We are a small and caring group, so you can join with confidence. We are already quite well organised so you will have lots of opportunities to learn and contribute.

And if you’ve sat on other committees before, or if you have strong skills in project management, business administration, or community development, then we would love to welcome your expertise.

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What are the expectations?

Committee Members are expected to be advocates for our primary goal: creating a fair, just and welcoming Australia through education. Our Library provides multicultural resources to child care centres across the Central Coast, helping educators to teach children about other cultures, religions, countries, languages, diets, and ways of living.

Committee Members are elected at each Annual General Meeting for a period of one year.

Committee meetings are held every two months during afterhours and run for about an hour. So that’s six meetings a year. Free childcare (including dinner for kids) is available.

Members are expected to keep up to date with the Library’s current projects and help to develop new ones. Ideally, you will have the skills or connections to provide advice and assistance to our projects to help make them successful.

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Our current projects

– Moving the library completely mobile and online

– Improving outreach via social media and communications

– Rebranding the library

– Undertaking a full inventory of all library items, identifying data entry errors, and writing off missing items

– Educating our Members about the care of our items, and recouping costs of damaged items

– Participating in community events.


Can you help with any of these projects? Do you have great ideas and want to do something positive in your community?

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The research for this resource was made possible through a grant from the Central Coast Council.