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Puzzle – Chinese Girl 


A simple 6 piece wooden puzzle from the Children of the World Tuzzles range. The puzzle depicts a Chinese child, wearing a traditional Tangzhuang shirt and holding a lantern.

Cultural notes

Learn more about Tangzhuang Clothing 

Paper Lanterns

Lanterns are widely used in China, in particular during celebrations and festivals. Celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, the Lantern Festival traditionally marks the end of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival period. It’s Friday, March 2 in 2018.

People will go out to look at the moon, send up flying lanterns, fly bright drones, have a meal, and enjoy time together with family and friends in parks and natural areas.

When the festival comes, lanterns of various shapes and sizes (traditional globes, fish, dragons, goats! — up to stories high!) are seen everywhere including households, shopping malls, parks, and streets, attracting numerous viewers. Children may hold small lanterns while walking the streets.


Suggested activities

Art & Craft: 

  • Create your own Chinese paper lanterns

Dramatic Play:

  • Borrow some traditional Chinese clothing so children can dress up like the child in the picture
  • Borrow the full range of Children Around The World puzzles and match them with clothing

Puzzles/ Games:

  • Create a puzzle piece scavenger hunt – hide the pieces around the room

Sensory Play: 

  • Create a puzzle tray using rainbow rice – put each of the pieces of the
    Puzzle in the tray so children have to find each piece first before they complete the puzzle. This can be made more difficult by adding pieces for multiple puzzles


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The research for this resource was made possible through a grant from the Central Coast Council.