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Lucky Elephant Mobile


Brightly coloured fabric elephants, hung from colourful beaded strings as a hanging mobile. Each elephant has a small bell at the bottle that ‘jangles’ in the breeze.

Cultural notes

Elephants are considered a symbol of good luck for many reasons, most of them tracing their origin to ancient folklore, as well as Indian religion and mythology.

Elephants with their trunks up allow the lucky energy to be dispersed throughout the home. The elephant is one of the sacred animals in Buddhism, as well as often depicted in Indian mythology.

Hinduism is an extremely mystical religion that has impacted the profound spirituality throughout India. One of the most commonly worshipped deities in Hinduism is Ganesha, the elephant-head god with four arms.

Suggested activities


  • Hanging a mobile above your change table gives children visual stimulation and something to focus on during their change. Change mobiles regularly to maintain children’s interest

Sensory Play 

  • Hang mobiles outdoors in an area with cushions and other soft furnishings, where children can watch the movement and listen to the sounds the mobile makes in the wind

Art and Craft 

  • Create your own nature mobile using items found in the outdoor environment. Go on a scavenger hunt to collect a variety of different items

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