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We have a collection of these beautiful one piece puzzles featuring Australian animals:


These puzzles feature Australian animals and can be used all year round in a range of activities.

One piece puzzles help very small children to set goals and problem solve. Turning and rotating the piece until it fits in correctly teaches them important spatial lessons.

Even very simple puzzles help to develop hand-eye coordination and find motor development.

Plus, children love it when they finally solve the puzzle and feel a sense of achievement.

Cultural notes

Australian animals are very unique and kids love learning about them at any age.

Suggested activities

  • Place puzzles in play area as well and decorate walls with Australian animal posters.
  • Introduce some Australian animal nursery rhymes. See the External Links section for more ideas.
  • Older kids can enjoy related art, craft or colouring in activities.

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The research for this resource was made possible through a grant from the Central Coast Council.